Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm So Tired

My friend Lorelee has a fabulous sense of humor. It is, in fact, just like mine! Jokes and puns are not lost on her and she can volley right back with the best of them (and I count many of them amongst my friends. I run with a silly pack.)

When either of our Misters really start to whine about how hard a day they've had, or how tiring working full time and commuting is, one of us will start singing "I'm so tired..." a la torch singer Lili von Schtupp in "Blazing Saddles" and have the other one laughing in no time. We figure that since neither of us eats until naptime, or gets to go potty alone, and our bosses are complete tyrants who can go from zero to temper tantrum in 4.3 seconds, we are completely justified in our spousal mockery. And besides, it's just plain funny to sing, "...tired of pwaying da game..." Really. Try it some time. It's good for you and calorie-free. If you have a feather boa, all the better.

Needless to say, I can now lay claim to a tiredness I never could have conceived of. This beats 1st trimester, C-section with a 3 year old and a newborn, 20-mile walk for hunger, hiking in a frigid downpour in the Whites in October -- by a mile. I have a stool in the shower so I can sit while bathing. I need to nap after said shower to recover. I get tired eating a bowl of cereal. Watching TV is exhausting. The fact that it is an election year and we are now into football season and baseball season is enough to make my brain melt.

But saddest of all, knitting is tiring. This is a complete heartbreaker for me, as I had hoped to churn out FOs (Finished Objects for the muggles!) like no tomorrow. I still have a second Jaywalker on the needles, and find myself deep in the grip of SSS -- Second Sock Syndrome. I'm plodding through, but the first one I finished in no time -- nervous energy leading up to the surgery and lots of trips between home and Boston.

I am thrilled with how the first one turned out. This is my Neverending Sock Yarn (3-ply merino superwash) in my Fawkes colorway. The fit is absolutely perfect and bad me -- I never did a gauge swatch. I just cast on and ran with it. Such a rebel, I am!

I cast on the a February Lady Sweater recently too, and that is languishing a bit. It is going to be a lovely blue cardigan to keep me warm this winter, but at the rate things are going, it'll end up being little more than a lap warmer. I'm going to need it, too. I've heard that liver resection patients usually run cold following their surgery. This would be a first for me -- under normal conditions, I can throw off more BTUs than you could shake a stick at. Are there sweeter words for a wife to hear at night than, "you're too hot." I think not.


claudia said...

Hey Colleen! Its great to see you knitting. Sending good liver karma.

Lorelee said...

I'm honored to be named in the blog!


ThePaintedTiger said...

Glad you aren't too tired to put together that fabulous essay! Grow, liver, grow!

Susan said...

Hi Colleen! I'm enjoying your blog very much. I think of you every day and am sending healthy vibes in your direction.

Love the sock. Can you do one with toes? ;)

The I'm So Tired song in my house is the Beatles version, nice and whiney, lol. Or if I'm feeling obnoxious, I'll use my opera voice - it adds an extra element of drama. ;)

Mind if I add a link to your blog from mine?

Sending lots of love,


Noelle Noodle said...

I've been with thousands of men
Again and again
They all sing the same tune
They start Byron and Shelley
then jump on your belly
and bust your balloon

I love that movie. :) Glad you're feeling better!! It's so sad I can't knit a stitch when I feel sick.

Jess said...

At least you are not so tired that you've lost your sense of humor. :) Your jaywalker is looking fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Colleen - love reading your blog...continuing to think of you and send you LOTS of get well vibes.

Hugs from Canada,


Karen Connelly said...

I love you, Tiny Lady.

Deborah Bartlett said...

Hi Colleen, I'm loving reading your blog and keeping up to date with your progress. I too, am thinking of you lots and just know that you are going to beat this! Take care you and keep up that wicked sense of humour of yours. Love, Deb xxxx

christine said...

you are superwoman. i LOVE the sock, LOVE the shawl in, let's call it sky blue. you are one talented chick, colleen. stay warm, be well, and nap often. we love you!

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