Saturday, May 24, 2008

On a Spinning Jag

I finished up some random knitting and am trying to plough through a sock that has been giving me fits for ages. So when the knitting gets tough, the tough get spinning!

I have several other bobbins full of odd singles that need to be Navajo plied, but this, this is worth a photo! This is Targhee top from Christina at It is a whole whopping pound of loveliness. I am going to spin it as a double and make Dorothea Fischer's Danish Tie Shawl with it! I am so excited! I've never made a shawl before and it is for ME!

I love all the lace shawls out there, but this struck me as eminently practical for my life. I can wear it at the playground with the kids, and while shivering on the sofa this winter (God knows how we are going to afford to heat the house this coming winter. Ugh.), and I won't have to worry about it shifting around on me. I figure the extra 'sproing' that Targhee has should mean that it will kinda hug me while I wear it. Yum!

BTW -- Christina is having a sale on all in-stock rovings and top -- get over there NOW -- the sale ends at the end of the month.

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