Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Now, that's an Apple!

It is December 26th -- Boxing Day for the Englishly inclined! It's also my friend Ros' birthday, which is a happy coincidence, as she is, in fact, English.

I'm eating part of a fabulous Christmas gift from my sister, Kendra. It's humongous Fuji apple, dipped in caramel, and then dipped in dark chocolate -- incredible. If only all fruit came so decked out, I am sure my consumption would go way up. Apparently, it was a USPS nailbiter for Ken. The apples were nearly perishable victims of the Denver blizzard. I am very happy that it is diminishing in my kitchen instead.

In the backround is the completely adorable mosaic hedgehog she made me. Isn't he sweet? I considering repainting my kitchen so that it shows him off better than the current egg-yolk yellow (paint -- poorly applied -- by previous owners) on the walls.

It's been so long since I posted, it's not funny. Quite frankly, I lost the blog -- have no idea where it went. I googled blogspot, and *poof* it appeared. We don't question these things -- just send grateful thoughts out into the ether.

The big news since then -- the unnamed character is now named! Friedrich Henry -- AKA Fritz -- was born on September 25th! He's a chunker and a half -- came into this world at 9 pounds and at 12 weeks is hovering at 17 pounds! His sister weighed 17 pounds when she turned a year old! I find that fact remarkable and comical!

I'm still finishing up Christmas knitting. I have my mom's scaf to do, then I need to finish a wool soaker I put aside ages ago, make a sweater vest for Fritz, a scarf for my sister, longies and socks for Fritz, and then who knows what. I've drunk deeply of the 'crazy knitting lady' Kool-Aid (which makes an awesome yarn dye, BTW) and am thoroughly hooked. I'll likely post about that as much as I do my little chickens!


Lea said...

That thing looks absolutely scrumptious!! Was it as tasty as it looks?!?!

Spiffy Knits! said...

Phenomenal! I've been begging my sister for another one since!