Sunday, January 07, 2007


Well, It's about to happen. Miss A starts preschool tomorrow. My stomach is in a ball, as I consider the whole thing. I could never sleep on the night before school starting. That jumble of excitement, nervousness and fear of what the year would be like. Here I am, experiencing it for my daughter, since she is oblivious. I hope it goes well.

Anneke will likely be fine. There's a girl who jumps in with both feet, no peering over the edge to see how big the dropoff is -- just run and Geronimo! God love her!

I hate to admit this, but a big chunk of the reason we are starting her in preschool is that I'm at wit's end with her. She needs to be way more social than me, and I can't be dragging Fritz all over God's green acre to keep her busy. Plus, we need me to earn money. For that, I need some quiet time at home. I'm hoping that preschool/AM nap and both kids napping in the afternoon will allow me some time to work for money without having to give up on sleep altogether. Fingers are crossed.

OK -- gotta wrap this up. I've got to go check on my diapers. I've got a load in the wash and I need to pull out my Fuzzi Bunz (FB) before the prefolds go in the dryer. I'm nearly out of Charlie's Soap and hope my order arrives by Wednesday at the latest, or I will literally be up sh*t's Creek. Unwashed diapers that sit for too long are not pretty.Trust me.

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