Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Boy, do I suck at this, or what?

I can't believe that it's been over a month since I posted. I had such high hopes for myself. Take two kids, a DH who works more than an hour from home, add some winter illness, mix well, and voila! How To Not Have Any Free Time! Please dish up hot and serve with chips! Sheesh.

OK, enough complaining. I came here to blog, not mope.

I have been busy since the last time I posted. I made a pair of longies for Fritz from the Peace Fleece I bought this summer! I wanted stripes, so I did an ascending/descending Fibonacci Sequence on the legs. It made counting rows so much easier, so I know the lengths are the same, and it made the tedium of getting from the 75% done mark to the 100% done mark really fast. Why I need that push is beyond me.

I screwed these up a bit...I have a hell of a time with short rows, and there are a lot in the pattern I used. I ended up picking up erroneous stitches, so the pants are a lot fuller than I meant them to be. Bad news is that they are really baggy on him right now. Good news is that he is growing at such an alarming rate that he will be filling them out before I know it. And if they are still too big, I can felt them and use them for nighttime diapering.

After the longies, I couldn't resist the urge to knit with the Zenstring yarn I got from another mama on Diaper Pin. I got this yarn specifically to make a few things for Mimi's baby, who is due at the end of April. I'm hoping she is one day late and has her baby on DH's birthday -- May 1!

And since I was cruising on the knitting, and feeling guilty every time Anneke asked me if I was making something for her (oh, the guilt!), I decided to make her a felted purse. I swear, she is my grandmother come back to me in tiny, tyrannical form -- she can't do anything without a purse!

Meanwhile, she is really being a pill these days. Three going on thirteen. I have no idea how I will survive her teen years with my sanity intact, but there is no point in going there already -- I've got the next nine-and-a-half years to get through first!


Riva said...

Thanks for writing this.

Buckette said...

I have no words for how precious this is.