Thursday, June 07, 2007

Does Anyone Know What 'Burgandy' Is?

I've had it.
If I read one more yarn description and the person mis(s)pells 'burgundy' I just might scream -- or at least send them an email and suggest they at least Google it! Ack!
Why does this bother me so? Truth be told, I am a writer, editor and proofreader by profession. I miss it terribly, but it is difficult work to do when you have two children under four conspiring against any concentration or deep thought. But once an editor, always an editor. I am sorry there is no red pen key or mouse click -- I'd slash and burn my way across the web!

Anyway, my hissy-fit is over and I feel better now! But I think the next time that egregiously wrong 'a' rears its ugly head, I will have to send the offending party a red pen email and ask that the offending letter be struck!


Miss T said...

Shoot...did I write burgundy somewhere? ;)

Rodrigo said...

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Tricot Treat said...

The internet is rife with misspellings and egregious grammatical errors. My pet peeves are rediculous, definately, viola instead of voila, it's instead of its. Yesterday I encountered a mistake which made me chuckle. The author of the web page apologized for not having finished the site and asked her readers to "bare with" her. She did not realize that she was encouraging her readers to disrobe.

It is especially disheartening to find these errors in blogs that are otherwise wonderful. The Yarn Harlot regularly spells the possessive of it with an apostrophe.

There's not much one can do, other than send offenders to this site: I don't dare, though, as I hate to be rude or confrontational. So I grumble to myself and rejoice when I find a like-minded soul.

Lystessa said...

That one doesn't kill me half as bad as "pour" when someone really means "pore" (as in, poring over a book).

And don't get me started on "collectables"!!! They'll put that up on a huge sign for a show at the fairgrounds here, sometimes. At the very best it could maybe be an adjective, but never a noun!

I can at least pretend that "burgandy" is an alternative spelling like grey and gray. I know it's not, but I can pretend.