Monday, June 04, 2007

Massachusetts Sheep and Wool Festival Part II

Well, it's been more than a day. Sorry about that, all my pretend readers!

After we looked at some sheep, I got to head into the craft barns!!!! Finally!

I've never been to anything like it before, so I really didn't know what to expect. Even at a smaller event, it is overwhelming to see so much yarn and fiber in one place. And I got to see spinning wheels in person, which was really, um, SPIFFY!

After walking through all the barns, I was ready to shop. I picked up a pair of size 0 Swallow casein DPNs -- bright green!, some dyed, carded Romney from Sojourner Sheep, as well as some Coopworth roving and locks. I also picked up some Jacquard acid dyes and have been having fun with those -- cooking yarn in an old crock-pot -- life doesn't get any better!

A little lunch, another trip to see the llamas and watch the dog trials for a little bit and we called it a day. I was praying the kids would sleep the whole way home!

Mr. Spiffy wanted a soda and to take a side trip through Shelburne Falls on the way back here. I was curious, too, but worried that Fritz would wake up. The whole Speed thing kicks in on car trips -- if the car speed slows down too much, the baby wakes up and cries. Jeez -- it's almost worth the tickets for running red lights to keep the baby asleep on a long car trip.

Shelburne Falls is famous for a couple things -- The Bridge of Flowers and glacier potholes. Huh? I have pictures!

The Bridge of Flowers caught my eye first -- it's a footbridge connecting one side of Shelburne Falls to the other over the North River. When we were there, wisteria was in bloom. The blue/lavender/white hue is a stunner even from a distance.

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