Wednesday, September 12, 2007


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In a moment of weakness, I offered to knit longies out of my hand-dyed yarn for a customer. I think I was overcome by the feeling that I must be the first person to put Surfer Dude, as this colorway is named, to needles before anyone else. Most days, I think I am nuts. Mr. Spiffy tells me that I am not alone!

Anyway, I need to weave in a few more loose ends, i-cord a tie and block and lanolinize these. So no time for blogging -- or spinning. I am feeling very deprived right now. My hands are getting itchy to get back to the superfine merino that I got from Zen String.

Next up for knitting: I'm making a hat for Anneke out of the pink handspun! This is my 1st time usig my own handspun -- I am giddy about using it! If that child of mine refuses to wear it when I am done, I think I will have a nervous breakdown. Ah, the fickleness that is an almost four-year old.

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