Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Pics of FO's

I've been meaning to post some FOs and haven't had the time. After getting started, I realized that I don't have all the pics on this computer, but enough good stuff to make it worth posting.

First up is the Everlasting Wonder Soaker I made for The Boy.. I knitted it up in Zenstring Nirvana Worsted in the Mateo colorway. It is a real stunner, but the colorway has been discontinued. *Sniff.*

Next is some super-yummy yarn that my mom got for me. She bought it in Ushuaia, which is in Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia, Agentina. It's the city closest to Antarctica! It's merino handspun and so luscious! I put the phone in the pic to show scale.

And another pic to show the yumminess upclose!

OK -- that is all I have time for -- gotta go get dinner started. Enjoy!


Vanessa said...

Love the pic of the Wondersoaker!! I took your pattern review to heart and got the wondersoaker pattern!! I like to kitchener stitch, although I've only done it for stockinette, but I think I'm up to the challenge-thanks so much for explaining it!!

Spiffy Knits! said...

I hope you like the pattern! I think it is a great, flexible pattern that can fit for a long time. I think that this soaker will fit my tubby 7-month old now, and will likely still fit him next summer, since he will likely slim down once she starts crawling/walking.

carole said...

mmmmmmm love the wondersoaker. fortunately DS2 is on his way out of diapers. I'm hoping by the end of the summer. although I was contemplating making some shorties to go over training pants. DH will have a fit.. his mom made him wear wool shorts when he was a kid LOL...I have some purewool I'll do it with though try to destash a bit haha.

Freckle432 said...

ooo... thanks for letting me know you had a pic! LOVE Mateo knit up as well as crocheted! Zenstring is FABULOUS!!!!